We have a variety of illustrators who have shared their expertise with Empathize This. Please keep in mind that our stories and comic scripts are not written by the illustrators — if you have any comments on the content of the comics, please contact us directly.

Jacelyn McLenaghan

“Illustrator / Animator. Living in Halifax, NS. Spontaneous writer. Lover of comics.”

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Sarah Myer

A freelance comic and storyboard artist living in Georgia. She has written about her own experiences as a transracial adoptee in her webcomic, Sketchbook Shrink. When she isn’t working, she enjoys cosplaying, cooking and hanging out with her cat Loki. 

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Brian Lamey

Canadian Animator focusing on sleek lines, short works, sound design, absurd stories and experimentation. 

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Rachael Smith

A comic creator and illustrator based in West Yorkshire, in the UK.  She created graphic novels such as House Party, The Rabbit, and Artificial Flowers, and the webcomics Ask Flimsy, and Bess. Also writes and draws the monthly humour strips for the Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series for Titan.

James Brandi

A queer cartoonist from Vancouver, B.C. She’s the creator of Space Club, Softr, and a bunch of other comic projects. Creates art about identity, community, and the occult.

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Devin Parker – Check out more of his stuff
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Chrissi H.