We’re Looking for an Illustrator!

October 22, 2017

We are seeking a comic artist to join our team!

We’re looking for someone who is familiar with what we do, and can be passionate about helping share the stories we share. We want someone who can join us and be part of the team, and grow with us.

You’ll be expected to complete at least one comic a month, which will usually be between 2-5 pages. These will be black and white (or two tone etc. depending on your style), with inking and lettering (lettering is mostly done digitally with fonts). We provide a script with descriptions for each panel, but there is room for interpretation too. Rate of pay is $65 CDN per page.


  • A strong desire to produce art that addresses social issues
  • Have an understanding of intersectionality and social justice, and be humble about your own inability to fully understand what it’s like to be someone else
  • Be willing to put the author and their story first – the art must serve the story. You must be passionate about spreading important experiences to the world.
  • You aren’t willing to compromise, because you understand that this affects how someone else’s life experience is portrayed. Our authors pour their heart and soul into each story, and we want someone who will match their bravery and passion with the quality of work it deserves.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Strong ability to empathize with people. If you’re the type to be moved while reading one of our stories, then you’re probably a good fit.

If you’re interested, please apply soon – we will be accepting applications until we find someone. If you see this post, it’s not too late!

Please send us your portfolio, resume, and at least 2 comic samples. We don’t need a traditional cover letter, but please answer the following in your application:

  • Why do you want to illustrate for us?
  • Which story on our site touched you the most? Why?

People of colour, differently-abled, LGBTQ, or any people who have experienced marginalization are strongly encouraged to apply.

Just click here and send us an application!