Empathize This and Your Story

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Empathize This and Your Story

Panel 1

[Caption] Empathize This is a collection of true stories written by our readers… like you!

Panel 2

[Image] A series of silhouettes of people, one of which is blue. The rest are grayscale. The blue silhouette has a blank blue speech bubble.

[Caption] We want to tell the stories that don’t often get attention, but should.

Panel 3

[Image] A woman sitting at a computer. On the screen is the Empathize This logo. The woman is facing the reader with her hands raised.

Woman: Is it a lot of work? I don’t know anything about writing comics…

Panel 4

[Image] A piece of lined paper with scrawled writing on the top half of it.

[Caption] You don’t need to! If you can write a few sentences, you can share your story with us.

Panel 5

[Image] The woman, still sitting in front of the computer, but now with her arms crossed.

Woman: How about privacy? I don’t want my name to be out there….

Panel 6

[Image] A rolled up piece of paper inside a padlock.

[Caption] Everything is kept confidential and you control how your story gets published.

Panel 7

[Image] The woman, now standing next to her computer and smiling. The screen shows the Empathize This logo and the headline “Your Story.”

Woman: Okay, sounds easy. I’m not sure if I have a story though…

Panel 8

[Caption] Do you notice things other people don’t because of prejudice, hardship or marginalization? Do you have to adjust the way you act when other people don’t have to?

Panel 9

[Image] The blue silhouette in a doorway, facing two Caucasian men. The silhouette has one arm crossed protectively across his/her torso.

[Caption] When you enter a room?

Panel 10

[Image] The blue silhouette standing on a sidewalk, being passed by a car. Inside the car, the passenger is staring at the silhouette.

[Caption] When you go down the street?

Panel 11

[Image] The blue silhouette sitting in front of a TV. On the screen are a conventionally attractive man and woman, facing each other.

[Caption] When you see ads?

Panel 12

[Image] The Empathize This logo.

[Caption] Or in any other situation in your life? Then it’s a story, and we think it’s important that it’s told! So email us at: [email protected].

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