The story of Empathize This

What we do

Empathize This is a place where people can tell their own stories about how prejudice and hardship affect their lives. We recognize that people are made up of different intersecting identities, and that no single story will be representative of how a certain prejudice affects people. This is why we want all kinds of stories, and they can be as minor or as major as you want – it’s up to you, and we think it’s important to have both.

We are NOT trying to create a definitive account of what it’s like to be (insert minority here). Instead, we want to show how there are a variety of ways that people react to different prejudices and past experiences. We want to try to get people to think about the consequence of various societal and personal actions.


We believe that a visual element helps some people understand a story better. We believe having the comic with the story can help drive the narrative’s point home.

The comics are written with you – typically we come up with an idea for the comic, based on the story you submit. We then hand the idea over to you, and see if the idea captures your story faithfully. If there are no edits and you are happy with it, we send it to our illustrator.

If in addition to the story, you have an idea for a comic narrative (or if you want to illustrate it yourself), let us know! We’ll let you know if it’s within our budget/time constraints and if there are any changes we’d require, but we will work with you to the best of our ability to make something happen.

Comment Moderation

The goal of this site is to provide a platform for marginalized people. As such, there is a general non-tolerance policy towards comments that attack the validity of an experience.



We started working on this site in December 2012. After months of planning and preparation, we launched on April 29, 2013.  In November 2013, we sadly had to say goodbye to Brian, our illustrator. Jacelyn illustrating the comics from then until April 2015. We’ve since worked with a variety of freelance illustrators. In February 2017, we added comic descriptions to all our comics for those who are visually impaired. September 2017, we launched a new, revamped website along with a new colour scheme.


Tak writes the comic, edits, worries about the site
Caitlin Jung edits
Meaghan edits

We have a variety of illustrators, which you can learn more about here.

Issues We’d Like to Address in The Future

We also recognize that many features of this website perpetuate certain privileges:

  • Our website is exclusively in English, and not everyone speaks English.
  • The comic visual is inherently geared towards the seeing.
    • We now have comic descriptions that can be read by readers! Yay!
  • We are web based, and not everyone has access to the internet.

Our goal is to mitigate these issues as best we can as we grow. If you notice any systemic issues we’ve missed, let us know.